#TBT: What It’s Like To Hang Out With High School Friends

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Shortly after I graduated from high school, my parents moved from Providence, Rhode Island (where I grew up) to Florida. While I was absolutely thrilled about their snowbirding (I mean, who would complain about Christmas at the beach and living within driving distance of Harry Potter World), it did mean that I missed out on a lot of “home for the holidays” events with my high school friends. The night before Thanksgiving at Whiskey Republic, summers in Newport once we were old enough to get into bars, and even the Moses Brown 5-year reunion were all Providence-kid rites of passage that I just sort of…skipped.
This year, though, I made a MAJOR effort to see everyone  I used to know the night before Thanksgiving.
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Seriously, Though, Where Do People Meet People?

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A few weeks ago, I made the decision to give up dating apps, and it’s actually been a pretty big adjustment. Who am I supposed to text when I’m bored in class with no boyfriend AND no Bumble? Who am I supposed to hang out and drink bad martinis with on Tuesday nights if not a stranger from the internet? (I maybe need to consider getting out more/making more real-life friends…)

On the bright side, though, now that I’ve stopped swiping my phone battery lasts more than 3 hours and my parents have stopped yelling at me about using all of the family data. Silver linings, ya know?

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